Data Cleansing

What is the importance of Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing purifies the information base from errors, as well as enables the preservation and up-to-dateness of all existing customers.

  • In terms of mailing/telemarketing details (through which we will reach the customer).
  • In terms of relying on a wrong marketing strategy, since we are relying on data that is not up to date.

Poor quality data harms marketing and business operations.

What are the reasons justifying Data Cleansing?

  • Loss of data as a result of moving between computer systems.
  • Poor entry of data by typists in the system, such as entering data from handwriting or over the phone.
  • Obsolescence of customer data, such as: irrelevant data following a change of apartment/phone/name, etc.

How often should I perform Data Cleansing?

Regular maintenance of databases through data cleansing is necessary. For any size of customer database, data cleansing must be performed every six months or at least every year – in order to maintain an appropriate level of up-to-dateness.

The need to correct, update and improve data is constant – as part of ongoing maintenance throughout the year.

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What is data cleansing technology and its use?

In order to perform data cleansing correctly and at the required adequate level, it is necessary to have databases with up-to-date details of customers, such as: addresses, telephones, etc.

However, in order to locate the details from the most recent databases, first – the current customer's details must be corrected before we can compare them to the database in order to improve them.
The initial remediation operation of the database repository is called Data Standardization.

What is the address regulation?

As part of the data cleansing process, the regulation process actually corrects the addresses as well – so that they are fit to the postal standard in Israel, such as: names of the settlements, names of all the streets in the country, 7-digit zip code, etc.

For more details, we will be happy to provide further material the field, and coordinate an introductory meeting and presentation on the subject!


Meda-Top improves the largest customer clubs in Israel

Meda-Top's information collection and refinement system

The system scans information from the Internet 24 hours a day. It is based on a set of algorithms similar to Google's – a product of in-house development since 2009, and collects, preserves and processes relevant and up-to-date information about customers.

The information advantages of Meda-Top:

  • More information about people than any other existing database
  • Richer information with interesting and unique owned data
  • More reliable and accurate information which is the secret of success

📁 An example of a monthly improvement project for Beit Isracard

Part of a lecture from a customer club management conference by Meda-Top's CEO:

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