About Meda-Top

The Database Technology of Meda-Top

Meda-Top Technology and Development Ltd. was established in 2009 by a group of technologists from the content industry who developed a unique engine for information remediation and analysis. Meda-Top is considered the leading database provider in Israel.

Meda-Top specializes in reclamation, enrichment and maintenance of databases

We are engaged in the development of algorithms for optimization, regulation, improvement and analysis of consumer and marketing information – direct and complementary, by collecting statistical consumer information about customers, and operating a system that performs continuous scans for the purpose of collecting, preserving and processing relevant and up-to-date information.

Meda-Top utilizes knowledge-intensive algorithms and technologies that have been developed for 15 years! – This is its main asset

By a system based on a set of algorithms similar to Google, an In-House developed product of Meda-Top!

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מר צחי נבו וגברת עירית אורן גונדרס

Mr Tzachi Nevo and the CEO of the association – Irit Oren Gunders

Meda-Top's CEO – Tzachi Nevo is happy to donate to "Or Lamishpachot" association, which works for the soldiers' families and the victims of hostilities following the "Iron Swords" war – March 2024.

In the photo: Mr Tzachi Nevo and the CEO of the association – Irit Oren Gunders